Azeez & Jane - #JAAZ2018

The union between Azeez and Jane was one of the weddings of the year in 2018.  

I have known them for sometime now, and was honoured when I got the call to be one of the main photographers for their traditional and White wedding. Both events were amazing however the wedding was on a grand scale-what didn't this wedding have!

The bride's dress was of an exquisite design, her hair was elegantly styled and her makeup beautifully done. She truly looked like a real life princess out of a fairy tale. The groom looked very suave and debonair in his sharply tailored suit. The cake was 'out of this world'  and  the decor was eleganlty crafted. The bride and groom truly had us under their spell-class and style was the order of the day. Gifts from each other were a Rolex and 24 carat personalised gold hand chain from Italy. 

The couple flew in two well known musicians to play live at the Meridian Grand: DavidO and K1 De Ultimate.  The DJ had all the guests dancing the night away. Everything was, simply put-'PURE MAGIC!' and all the vendors on the day truly delivered to a high standard. It was an absolute pleasure to have been trusted with capturing such a beautiful event.

Here are just a few pictures showing key moments of the day.